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I am a healer

I am a healer
A writer
A sister, a daughter
I am a light
Surrounding this earth
I ask for peace to
Descend from the
Heavens, and for every
Soul to open up and
Be healed
I am Spirit living
In a body
Trying to show others
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Just Be

Stay centered. Peace is the core of your inner being. Believe and you will get what you ask for. Just ask, have faith, and trust in God’s divine plan. Know you have the power, the power to manifest, the power to change, the power to become. BE. Just BE, because you are. I am. I am. I am the light within, without, everywhere. The light I am. The love I am. Know we have the knowledge. Tap into the inner knowing of the Christ and you will know it all. God does not leave you stranded. He is by your side, he is within you. Just ask and all of the answers you will receive. Raise high into the light to touch the power of faith. There is nothing I cannot do, nothing I cannot be. We are connected. Stay connected. Stay centered. Be.

A Flower

Like a flower in
Bloom slowly
Petal by petal
Feeling the warmth
Of the sun
The light of the
World, scared
At first of the
Sensation of
Light and
Acceptance into the world
But wanting to BE
With the all
A part of universal
Love, the flower
Reveals its beauty
To life
It knows no fear
Only basking in the
One light.
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The Tree

Oh to be a tree!
To stand tall with my roots
planted firmly in the soil
letting the sun warm my branches
and the wind
my oneness with the earth.
Tears cleansing
remnants of past
emotions as they flow
freely with the raindrops.
Oh to be a tree
and watch the people
carry on their lives
not even noticing
the strength I hold
the breath I take
of freedom
waking with the sun and
sleeping with the
lighting my protection
from the night.
I would not fall for anyone
or bend for their desires
but allow the moment
to possess my fate
and trust the ground I
stand in.
To live the life meant for me
the tree
blowing freely in
the wind and standing firmly
in the soil through every storm
and doubtful moment.
Oh to be
the tree of life
of wisdom and sacrifice
A symbol for the skies
A knowing of my destiny
I am the tree
I am the life
Standing firmly
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A Thought

and Jesus wept…
He, our Savior, wept
Whether for pain or joy-
Love or fear-
Hopelessness or faith,
He expressed his soul
Unto his followers and God
Through tears
And he was not ashamed
To be…to be
Against those who admired him
And those who
Struck him down, his
Tears shower the world with
Truth, and cleanse
Our souls with light, revealing
The strong expression
Of love
He lived, for us.
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A God Walk

Cradled in the arms of
My mother I see
Beyond my human eyes
Into the place
Of heaven
Surrounded by unconditional
Love, peace, joy
Where I am whole
I am one with the universe
Every sky, the all around me
Reminds me I am home.
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Through these flames
The answer lies
To questions of life
I fear
What they say in
Their dance to
The wind
I discover
Life is love.
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A Poem

Overcome with happiness
Love is all it is.
My being radiating
Power from above
Freedom, heaven
Nothing held back
Energy flowing through
my veins
touching each
person’s soul.
The world goes round with
this connection
healing, binding
Love is all it is.
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The Beauty of Pain

We go through things so others don’t have to. A simple act of love can change someone’s life. People will find hope and inspiration and meaning in your story- share it- we all grow together, with each other- in brotherhood, sharing pain, laughter, joy and love. And it is my wish for you, that you find your heart’s desire.
It’s about perspective. How you look at things. Sharing your pain allows you to let go and helps others let go of theirs. They realize they’re not the only ones, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. My realization, if pain is a lesson and a lesson is bringing you truth, that’s beauty, so pain is beauty. Lift out of the judgment of the pain so you can see the truth of it and maybe you need to feel the pain so you stop doing it. Don’t keep touching the stove when it’s hot!
Truth sets you free, so when you can see the truth in your pain you will be ready to let go of the pain and thus be free.


Look beyond the trees, beyond what’s right in front of you, go deeper where there’s a clearing, a vast blue sky. You can breathe. There’s a sense of openness and freedom. Do not look at the trees in front of you as obstacles to the clearing. Look at them as guides- each one is unique and will help you on your way.