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Staying True

Stay true to yourself. As long as you listen to your heart and your intuition and act from that you cannot make a wrong decision. Make a decision from your heart without expectation. Let go of expectations of the outcome of your decision knowing the outcome will be right and perfect, because it came from your heart. When you stay true to yourself and come to peace with yourself the right and perfect people will be there to support you, the right and perfect opportunities will come forward, your outer world will be completely supported.
Decisions will come much quicker when you stop questioning the guidance you get, when you stop worrying what the outcome will be. Stop thinking about it and just act from your guidance, knowing the path is laid before you, and all you have to do is follow it. Life doesn’t have to be so hard. We make it hard by questioning and doubting and trying to figure it all out, when all we have to do is listen, listen to Spirit, to our intuition and follow it step by step, without worrying about what the outcome will be. Without worrying what other people will think of us. Just staying true to ourselves, our inner voices, and knowing we’re on the right path.
Take life day by day, moment by moment, Allow Spirit to flow through you, listen for the answers, they will show up in the most unexpected moments. Sometimes when they show up, you’d already forgotten what you’d asked for. You don’t have to worry, you don’t have to wonder. Know you’re taken care of. Ask to feel the love and support of God your father mother. Know that you have all the love you will ever need. It’s inside of you, becuase you’re a child of God. All of your needs are already taken care of, we just have to ask for that support and stop questioning the guidance when we receive it. Stay true to yourself, for you have all the answers. The support is there. Thank you God.