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Touching the Divine

When I have an experience touching Spirit, that’s when I am home. It reminds me that I Am Spirit- eternal and infinite. I am one with the One, one mind, one heart, and there is no separateness. The divine connection is woven through me from my crown chakra all the way down my body. Being lifted out of my physical to touch Spirit is only natural. We get so stuck in our physical (bodies, worlds, etc.) that we forget to lift, to access our connection to Spirit, and to remember who we truly are.
I am Spirit- eternal and infinite.
     Once we lift, our problems, the world, become so much smaller and less important. Our worries fall away for we are in a space of infinite potential- the I AM. And if we are a part of the I Am, we have everything we need for there is no lack in this space.
When something comes up in your world, look up. Look at it from the eyes of your Spirit to see the truth of it. What is it trying to show you? Instead of trying to face your problems with resistance or reaction, stop and breathe, and shift your focus from the problem to Love. How does Love see this? How would Love fix this?
     When we get stuck in our worlds, we feel outside Spirit. We feel disconnected from the whole- but that’s impossible. It’s impossible to be separate when that’s all that you are. So how do we come back into center?
  1. Meditate, take time in silence to listen and be in the present moment.
  2. Pray, talk to God and ask to feel divine connection, and to touch your divine potential.
  3. Do something that brings you joy. What makes your heart smile? Do that.
 Shut your eyes to the outer world, connect with Spirit, and ask to feel what you are seeking.