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Nature’s Remedy

  Over 4th of July weekend I spent time at a retreat center in the mountains of North Carolina, and I stayed in a tree house. The deck was on a cliff overlooking the river, and I fell asleep and awoke to the sound of the rushing river. It was pure Peace!   While hiking, my mind started to unravel, releasing old thoughts and worries I no longer needed.  Once my mind was clear, I was able to take in the beauty and be present. Nature was reminding me of the simplicity of life. 
Letting go of the thoughts we carry, realizing they don’t define us and usually aren’t even true, but just an endless cycle of words that take up space in our minds- this is the first step to peace of mind. We can make a choice not to listen, but to let go. Choose not to believe the mental chatter in your head!
   Releasing the mental mind allows clarity of what is right for the heart.
   When the mental chatter is released the heart will speak, and here you will find truth. Truth lies in the heart. Start listening to that inner voice in your heart. Moving from the mental mind to the heart takes practice. Take a walk, ask for clarity, Be present and:
 Allow your mind to unravel,
let go, and ask for the wisdom of your
heart to speak.