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Create with Gratitude

As the holidays are upon us, I invite you to reflect on what you’re grateful for this season. You might think of what you have, what you’ve accomplished, or a certain person or opportunity in your life.

  Often our minds go straight to lack- what we didn’t accomplish or what’s missing, and we’re always wanting more. Yet it’s so simple to change our mindset from what we’re lacking to gratitude for what we already have.

This change of mindset moves us

from Lack consciousness

to Abundance consciousness.

  The process is simple, recognize what you already have and be grateful for it. Change your focus from “I want” to “I am grateful.” This moves you from a state of want to a state of gratitude and abundance.

With this mindset you take your power back- the power to create your life!

  Create from a space of gratitude. The more grateful you are, the more that will come to you. If you desire something, act as if it’s here NOW, and state that you are grateful for it. Your life will grow and evolve in ways you couldn’t even imagine!

  So imagine and dream big- you deserve it! Appreciate and be grateful for what you have and for what you desire. Open yourself up to the gifts of the universe with Gratitude!                                                  


Uncovering the Craziness

The past couple months have been a whirlwind of craziness! Between hurricanes, fires, shootings, and political instability, more than ever I’m hearing, the world has gone crazy. Has it?
This is the time the world is waking up- to an awareness of our planet, to things we need to change, and to things that aren’t working- socially, politically, or structurally.
If we truly are spiritual beings having a human experience and we’re co-creating with God on this planet, something in our consciousness has created these crazy times- and it’s for these changes to take place.
So instead of going crazy with the times we must stop, take a deep breath and ask, How can I help? In a moment when I felt like the world was coming apart at the seams I did just that, and Spirit said:
I can help by staying peaceful in my own heart and mind, by staying on my path, and by not dwelling in the negativity of the world.
   It’s good to be informed but don’t get stuck. When you’re stuck you may start to feel hopeless, fearful, anxious or depressed. Recognize your feelings, feel them and  realize, Ok, I don’t want to feel this way anymore, so what can I do about it?  Spirit said:
You can’t change the entire world
in this moment, but in this moment
you can change yourself.
Start by looking at the world
from a place of hope instead of fear,
from a place of love instead of anger, and start to move
from a place of grief
to a celebration of life.
   As I change my perspective I’m lifting out of the negative consciousness that’s repressing humanity and my Spirit, and I lift into divine consciousness where anything is possible!
Here I see the world from a higher perspective, from my higher self. And from this place I feel the unconditional love of the divine, and send this love into the world- to the leaders, nations, people, and to Mother Earth.
This is how I lifted out of my feelings of helplessness, this is how I will help, and I invite you to do the same.
Sit, breathe and ask to be connected to your Spirit. Allow your feelings to come up, and if they don’t feel good, ask for the love of the divine to wash over you. Ask to be healed. And then send that healing out into the world.
There’s hope, there’s peace, there’s love, and it’s here NOW. Wake up your Spirit, and ask to feel the oneness. And so it is!