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The Candle of Truth

   This time of year we come together and celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or maybe just the end of the year. Different faiths have different spiritual traditions, but the light of the candle is used in many ceremonies from Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist. For me, the candle symbolizes the Christ light within- the light of truth and unconditional love. But no matter what religion or spirituality you are, it’s a reminder:
We are Spirit. All of us have that light inside- shining- waiting to express. 
  Our light may get dimmed by worldly things- jobs, materialism, even relationships. People start to live for the world instead of Spirit and then they feel depressed and anxious because they’ve depressed their Spirit. They’ve done what the world wants them to do instead of followed their own inner yearning. And then they lose faith. When all they need to do is go within and listen- What is my Spirit saying? What does my Spirit need?
   As you enjoy this holiday season, whether you light a candle or not:
Focus on that light inside YOU, and let your light lead.
The light will show you the truth. The light is the way.
  That’s where you’ll find peace, love, forgiveness and truth. When you feel depressed, anxious or lost it’s because you’re looking to the outer for happiness or peace, and it’s not there.
  All the love, peace, or happiness you need is within. You are it- because you are Spirit and Spirit cannot be dimmed by the world.
   Remember all you have to do, focus on the light instead of the world and the answers are there. The light will grow brighter. You will grow brighter, and feel lighter.