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It’s Time to Bloom!

Wake UP! It’s time to come out of the hibernation of winter and bloom into Spring! Lately many have expressed feeling heavy, tired and gloomy the past few months of winter. They’re seeking new ways to get their energy back, rediscover their purpose and express it to the world. It’s the perfect time for an energetic tune up!
The question most people ask me is: Why should I get energy healing Noelle? And I say, because it lifts you into a higher state of consciousness that allows for healing on every level- body, mind, Spirit, and emotion. It heals the cause of your pain, stress or illness instead of just masking the symptom with a pill or distraction. When the cause is healed, the symptom will not return.
We’re inundated by the negativity of the world and it attaches to us. We also take on other’s energy- feel things that aren’t ours and are quick to react and get defensive. The next thing you know you’re crying and have no idea why!
When you receive Reiki or another type of energy healing you’re in a relaxed state and tuned to a higher frequency of energy- Life Force Energy- that quickens your immune system and releases the stress, tension, pain, and energy that’s not yours. It rebalances you so you can move forward in life with ease.
In the days after you may notice you feel less stress and tension, are mentally at peace and focused, and feel emotionally balanced and centered. You’ll often get clarity of the problem that’s stressing you out, or rediscover your higher purpose that’s gotten lost in the busyness of life.
So I ask you to reflect and ask, what’s stopping you from blooming this spring? It’s time to release the energy that’s no longer serving you and reawaken to your beautiful Spirit!