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A Journey

beyond this skin
into the soul
of my truth
HERE I awaken
Here I feel
Here I know
that all I see
in the outer world
is but an illusion
to what is REAL
felt right here
within me
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Be Expectant!

  We all know the saying, as you give you receive. But ever wonder why some people seem to receive what they ask for effortlessly? Receiving is as important as giving. If there’s no receiver, then the giver holds on, and it stops the flow of energy.
The receivers are IN the flow of energy and are expectant of more!
    Many people, including myself, seem to confuse giving and receiving. Because for me, I do receive when I give, and I see being able to give as a gift!
    But being a receiver without doing anything is the lesson. When you’re open to receive wisdom, love or abundance just by being YOU is the gift. It’s the other side of giving. Giving without expectation and receiving expectantly keeps you in the flow of energy.
    This also translates into relationships. You don’t have to do anything for someone to love you. They love you for who you are- your friends and family love you for who you are, whether you’re happy, sad, unemployed or rich- it doesn’t matter.
    So, instead of being surprised by receiving- be joyful and expectant! And when you find yourself in lack say this:
I expect to receive the gifts of the universe. I am open to receive and grateful- knowing all that I ask and more is here for me.