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Let Go and Allow

     Have you ever felt lack? I KNOW that in the presence of Spirit nothing is lacking. So in a moment I was feeling lack, I went into meditation and this is the message I received:
    Divine bliss, divine essence is my truth. It frees me from the limitations of the world. In this space is all I need. My connection to source, source for ALL.
    Unleash your desires! Let go and allow the manifestation to unfold. Don’t just visualize- connect and co-create with God for the highest vision, for opportunities you wouldn’t know existed.
    Ask for the highest- this or greater God. Trust all will be taken care of. Let go and there’s space for it to enter. Let go of your version of it to allow the highest version to flow through.
    Our human eyes are limited to what we see. That’s why you want to lift higher and ask, show me what I cannot see- this or greater- this is where miracles occur.  Because humanly we wouldn’t think it was possible. But in the divine realm anything is possible.
    Open yourself up to Spirit. Remove the layers/walls/false beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. Ask for divine wisdom and love to flow through you. Surrender it and expect a miracle.
I believe in miracles, do you? Wishing you a beautiful day, and please contact me if you need help finding your divine bliss!