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Build Your Core

Ever feel like you’ve been on a journey for so long that you’ve forgotten your destination? Or you’ve forgotten why you’re on the journey in the first place? I needed clarity in a moment of my journey and this is what Spirit said:

One step at a time. Keep moving forward. Even when you can’t see the destination, and even when you DO know the destination- it could look different or change by the time you get there.

Maybe something changes within you on the way there and you veer off onto another path, only to return to the 1st destination later or not at all.

Are we ever finished traveling anyway? The journey of the soul is just that- a journey. Destinations are temporary stops along our journey.

Our plans are constantly evolving- just as we evolve in ourselves. And as the world changes, sometimes we change as well.

That’s why having a foundation is so important. And I don’t mean a home base or place to live or work, but a spiritual foundation. The core of who you are, Spirit, knowing YOU are eternal. So whatever external changes are happening in the world or in your Life, you have your own core to pull you through it. You have faith and call on the support of Spirit.

When it seems nothing in the outer is stable, pull your stability from Spirit and build your core spiritual foundation. How?

Start with these 2 ways:

1. Meditation/prayer– a DAILY practice to connect with Spirit and remember who you are is key.

2. Find a Spiritual community– surround yourself with like-minded people for spiritual discussion and support.

How will you exercise your spiritual muscle today?