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Build Your Core

Ever feel like you’ve been on a journey for so long that you’ve forgotten your destination? Or you’ve forgotten why you’re on the journey in the first place? I needed clarity in a moment of my journey and this is what Spirit said:

One step at a time. Keep moving forward. Even when you can’t see the destination, and even when you DO know the destination- it could look different or change by the time you get there.

Maybe something changes within you on the way there and you veer off onto another path, only to return to the 1st destination later or not at all.

Are we ever finished traveling anyway? The journey of the soul is just that- a journey. Destinations are temporary stops along our journey.

Our plans are constantly evolving- just as we evolve in ourselves. And as the world changes, sometimes we change as well.

That’s why having a foundation is so important. And I don’t mean a home base or place to live or work, but a spiritual foundation. The core of who you are, Spirit, knowing YOU are eternal. So whatever external changes are happening in the world or in your Life, you have your own core to pull you through it. You have faith and call on the support of Spirit.

When it seems nothing in the outer is stable, pull your stability from Spirit and build your core spiritual foundation. How?

Start with these 2 ways:

1. Meditation/prayer– a DAILY practice to connect with Spirit and remember who you are is key.

2. Find a Spiritual community– surround yourself with like-minded people for spiritual discussion and support.

How will you exercise your spiritual muscle today?


The Poem of Eternity

Traveling deep within

I touched the Eternal OM

It beckoned me closer- I followed

Feeling the oneness envelope me like a warm blanket

holding me gently

What was I hearing? The Universe-this oneness was speaking to me

In that energy I touched everything

The All that there is and the All that there is not.

I experienced nothing and everything at the same time

I exist in the space in-between

Yet am part of it all.

My limitations were lifted- for limitations are man-made

and in this space there’s only Spirit

There’s no lack, or law, or limit

The heaviness of not enough was gone

In this space was freedom

Knowing everything is perfect- in Divine Order

My mind gone, I was open to  

divine knowing- it beckoned me closer again

into the Eternal Om

And I drifted within, closer still to the truth of Myself.

Engulfed in the Oneness of my Own soul

with all there is, was, and ever will BE.

And in this space I AM Whole


The Eternal OM.

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I claim Abundance!

With the start of a new year, most of us have a list of everything we want to accomplish. Why? Because we want to feel good, and if we could just have this ONE thing we’ll feel good! At least for a moment, right?

But being in a space of wanting makes it hard to BE present and feel good, because we don’t feel we have everything we need to feel good. The problem is this constant wanting creates lack and fear of not having enough. And fear blocks our ability to receive. It’s a cycle of never having enough, just wanting one more thing.

It’s in releasing the fear and knowing that you’re worthy of your heart’s desires when you’ll receive. It’s letting go of the wanting and finding a space of gratitude for all that is here and for all the good that’s coming to you now.

 We get so caught up in our heads of what we don’t have and feeling lack that it becomes our reality. But lack is NOT the truth of your divine Spirit. Truth is- you are Abundant. Truth is- you embody all you need.

    Just taking a moment to close your eyes, breathe and find that space of infinite intelligence, wisdom and love will remind you of this truth.

    In this space state what you Desire and then release it. Ask to feel the abundance of it and be grateful it’s already here. This allows what is yours to flow to you effortlessly. Affirm:

  I am infinite Spirit and I allow the effortless flow of my good to come to me NOW!

Then claim it by saying: I operate in this world from a higher consciousness- from a space of abundance and love. This is my truth, and I know it and feel it in every aspect of my life.

I see you abundant, happy and free my friend. I see you receiving your heart’s desires and more!


Last January I attended a white stone ceremony where we meditated and asked for a word to set our intention for 2018. Then we wrote it on a white stone, which I kept on my alter to remind me of my intention for the year.
My word was Peace. And whenever my Peace was challenged I remembered my intention and thought, how can I make Peace with this situation or with my own emotions?
With the intention- that in 2018 I would find Peace, I found it was always within. But it’s a conscious practice of going within to find it, letting go and staying present. It grew my patience, my faith, and my ability to heal.
Spirit gave me the word Peace so I could grow past my reactions and into a space of acceptance, not just with things that were happening in the moment, but also with parts of my past I hadn’t made peace with yet.
My vibration lifted as I came to peace with mySelf, and from this place I connect deeper with Spirit, channel higher wisdom and create more abundance.
My wish for you is to find the Peace you need inside yourself to be lifted to this higher vibration. To let go of the old heavy energy that’s keeping you from moving in the direction of your dreams, keeping you up at night or causing you stress and pain.
Ask yourself, what do I need to do, hear, or see in order to be at Peace? What can I let go of? Allow Peace to overflow from Spirit into your heart, your mind, your world. In this peace you’ll find your connection with Spirit, have deeper relationships, and feel healthier in body, mind and Spirit.
Peace to you my friend and Happy New Year!

Awakening to Presence

Welcome to holiday season! It’s a magical time of year reminding us to recognize the presence of Spirit within ourselves and each other. Divine presence encompasses the energy of unconditional love, brother/sisterhood, peace and oneness.

This is the energy that brings the magic of the season, connecting us all and reminding us that although the world often points out our differences, we are the same in Spirit.

Presence is defined as- a person or thing that exists or is present in a place but is not seen.

Although we cannot see the presence of Spirit, we can feel it and express it in our actions. When divine presence is awakened we may be inspired to reach out to a loved one, make a donation or create something from the heart.

In order to connect we must step away from the busyness and find a quiet place to meditate:

Take a few deep breaths feeling the stress release from your body and feeling your heart opening. Ask to feel divine presence move through you. Visualize a white light moving from the top of your head, through your body and and grounding in your feet. Breathing into the light, ask for it to awaken your divine presence and light your way forward. Ask for healing, for peace, for clarity in mind and heart. Know this is who you are.

This season as you shift your mindset from presents to presence notice how you’re more aware and intentional in your holiday activities. You may think of someone with gratitude when you find the perfect gift, connect with the perfect person at a holiday social, or gift yourself with something you’ve wanted all year!

When you’re connected and present it opens you up to receive higher wisdom and feel higher love- the wisdom and love of Spirit.

This holiday season I invite you to awaken to this light within yourself and see it in others. Allow it to guide your way straight into the new year!

In the Presence I feel peace.

In the presence there is hope.

In the presence I am Love.

Wishing you a season filled with lots of divine presence 🙂

Manifest NOW with Gratitude!

     It’s that time again, holiday season and the end of the year! It’s a time for reflection, but unfortunately a lot of us tend to reflect on what we haven’t accomplished this year instead of what we have.
    This is where gratitude comes in. We must shift our mindset from seeing what isn’t to being grateful for what IS. This is when you’ll feel the fullness of your life, by being grateful for the abundance that is already here, the love you have in your heart now, the money you have in your bank now, and the healthy parts of your body- look at what you DO have NOW!
    Moving from the mindset of searching and yearning for what you don’t have to being grateful for what IS opens and allows more of what you have to come.
    Gratitude is the quickest way to open up the channel to receive what you want. Because you’re not in lack or searching, but you’re appreciating what IS, which allows you to receive more- how beautiful is that? So I invite you- Speak your desires with Gratitude! Try this affirmation to support your manifestations:
I am grateful my desires
are manifesting NOW! 
Wishing you a beautiful day, and please know- I am grateful for YOU!

Navigating Through Negativity

GROSS! It’s everywhere, negativity seeping into our peace! The internet- social media, the news- politics, some kind of racism, sexism, any ISM that’s separating humanity! How can we break free?

Clients often come see me when they’re overwhelmed, sick and stressed- because they’ve taken on the energy of the world, feel disconnected from their Spirit and have wandered off their path. People are suffocating from negativity- and it’s causing sickness!

One way to move through this is to move from the head to the heart- and the quickest way is to disconnect. Turn off the phone or anything that will BEEP at you, close your eyes and sit in meditation- breathing deeply and feeling centered with your breath.

Sitting in silence allowing your thoughts, fears and emotions to come up and let them pass. Fill yourself with the light of the divine. Ask to see the stress, the worry, the situation from this divine space, from your higher self. Ask to receive a higher understanding, and release it.


As a healer, I have to take extra time out to DISCONNECT- in order to RECONNECT- to Spirit, the light that IS healing within and without in order to stay centered and at peace, to be able to DO healing work.

I do this healing work because I am called by Spirit to help people navigate through the separation, grief, chaos of the world and reconnect to their purpose and own spiritual journey on this planet- that’s what brings HEALTH and WEALTH to all- yes, even YOU!


Self Care = Success

What do you do to fill yourself up? And I don’t mean eating food! I mean spiritual fulfillment- what makes your soul happy?
For example, my favorite self-care activities include yoga, hiking, receiving energy healing, journaling or traveling. All of these activities make me feel peaceful, connected and joyful with myself and with the world around me.
Success happens when you’re FULL up on joy and connected to source! Because when you’re in that space of joy, abundance and peace- that’s what you radiate out into the world, so that’s what comes back to you- more JOY, abundance and peace, whether it’s in the form of personal or professional opportunities, gifts or connections!
We’re all connected. And as you take care of yourself your vibration is lifted, and you may not even see it, but you’re also lifting the vibration of the world! And we all know the world could use some extra positive vibes 🙂  This month I challenge you to take a Step toward Success. Do a weekly self-care activity, and notice how it lifts your spirits, makes you feel stronger, or creates more peace in your life. Start today, and let me know how it goes!
Wishing you a nurturing, joyful and successful Self-Care September!

Let Go and Allow

     Have you ever felt lack? I KNOW that in the presence of Spirit nothing is lacking. So in a moment I was feeling lack, I went into meditation and this is the message I received:
    Divine bliss, divine essence is my truth. It frees me from the limitations of the world. In this space is all I need. My connection to source, source for ALL.
    Unleash your desires! Let go and allow the manifestation to unfold. Don’t just visualize- connect and co-create with God for the highest vision, for opportunities you wouldn’t know existed.
    Ask for the highest- this or greater God. Trust all will be taken care of. Let go and there’s space for it to enter. Let go of your version of it to allow the highest version to flow through.
    Our human eyes are limited to what we see. That’s why you want to lift higher and ask, show me what I cannot see- this or greater- this is where miracles occur.  Because humanly we wouldn’t think it was possible. But in the divine realm anything is possible.
    Open yourself up to Spirit. Remove the layers/walls/false beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. Ask for divine wisdom and love to flow through you. Surrender it and expect a miracle.
I believe in miracles, do you? Wishing you a beautiful day, and please contact me if you need help finding your divine bliss!

A Journey

beyond this skin
into the soul
of my truth
HERE I awaken
Here I feel
Here I know
that all I see
in the outer world
is but an illusion
to what is REAL
felt right here
within me
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