Awakening to Presence

Welcome to holiday season! It’s a magical time of year reminding us to recognize the presence of Spirit within ourselves and each other. Divine presence encompasses the energy of unconditional love, brother/sisterhood, peace and oneness.

This is the energy that brings the magic of the season, connecting us all and reminding us that although the world often points out our differences, we are the same in Spirit.

Presence is defined as- a person or thing that exists or is present in a place but is not seen.

Although we cannot see the presence of Spirit, we can feel it and express it in our actions. When divine presence is awakened we may be inspired to reach out to a loved one, make a donation or create something from the heart.

In order to connect we must step away from the busyness and find a quiet place to meditate:

Take a few deep breaths feeling the stress release from your body and feeling your heart opening. Ask to feel divine presence move through you. Visualize a white light moving from the top of your head, through your body and and grounding in your feet. Breathing into the light, ask for it to awaken your divine presence and light your way forward. Ask for healing, for peace, for clarity in mind and heart. Know this is who you are.

This season as you shift your mindset from presents to presence notice how you’re more aware and intentional in your holiday activities. You may think of someone with gratitude when you find the perfect gift, connect with the perfect person at a holiday social, or gift yourself with something you’ve wanted all year!

When you’re connected and present it opens you up to receive higher wisdom and feel higher love- the wisdom and love of Spirit.

This holiday season I invite you to awaken to this light within yourself and see it in others. Allow it to guide your way straight into the new year!

In the Presence I feel peace.

In the presence there is hope.

In the presence I am Love.

Wishing you a season filled with lots of divine presence 🙂

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