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Be Expectant!

  We all know the saying, as you give you receive. But ever wonder why some people seem to receive what they ask for effortlessly? Receiving is as important as giving. If there’s no receiver, then the giver holds on, and it stops the flow of energy.
The receivers are IN the flow of energy and are expectant of more!
    Many people, including myself, seem to confuse giving and receiving. Because for me, I do receive when I give, and I see being able to give as a gift!
    But being a receiver without doing anything is the lesson. When you’re open to receive wisdom, love or abundance just by being YOU is the gift. It’s the other side of giving. Giving without expectation and receiving expectantly keeps you in the flow of energy.
    This also translates into relationships. You don’t have to do anything for someone to love you. They love you for who you are- your friends and family love you for who you are, whether you’re happy, sad, unemployed or rich- it doesn’t matter.
    So, instead of being surprised by receiving- be joyful and expectant! And when you find yourself in lack say this:
I expect to receive the gifts of the universe. I am open to receive and grateful- knowing all that I ask and more is here for me.

Life is a Gift

I LOVE yoga! If I miss my practice the day just isn’t quite right. Well, after an intense Ashtanga class I was lying in Savasana and received this message from Spirit:
Every morning my Spirit chooses to wake up in this body- that is a gift.
I must treat my body well, for it is the temple. As Spirit, I choose to radiate truth, light and peace into the world. To follow the path of my divine purpose by connecting to Source, leading with my heart, choosing love over fear, faith over doubt, and choosing not to just exist but to LIVE!
Not wasting the time I have but realizing it is a gift! I’ve chosen to walk on this planet, letting the heart lead and Spirit guide, knowing I’m not alone but supported by source. Co-creating life with God I have access to all I need.
    Every day is a choice, and knowing my Spirit chose one more day here I will rise in love.
    I will not take for granted this breath but breathe deeper, living with intention, helping others awaken to their divinity as we’re all here together, sharing this planet for a reason.
    In brother and sisterhood let’s rise in love- come together in higher consciousness and release suffering and separation.
    Choose to be who you really are, Spirit, and see others for who they really are- SEE the light shining within them. Choose to live with forgiveness, peace, compassion, and love.
    Now I ask, what will you choose? I challenge you to live consciously the life YOU want to lead!

Creating with Life!

Hello friends! I received this message in meditation about creativity and abundance:
As I touch the divine in meditation there is only oneness with the ONE- Spirit. Opening my heart I drink in the unconditional love- it heals my fears and feeds my body, mind, soul and emotions. This love is all there is, echoing throughout infinity.
Quiet the mind, close your eyes and feel it, the depth of love in the infinite. It cleanses negativity, opens you up to the divine and frees you from limitation. Feel yourself dive into the knowing of your oneness with creator- this is where your peace is. This is who you are. We are all a part of this creative expression. What part do you play?
Every thought, word and deed affects the whole. Let it be of love.
  If you’re feeling, doing, thinking less than love- let it go, open and ask to receive this love, feeling the connection to the infinite. Here you can create anything! Let it be good. What is your heart’s desire? See it manifest in this space. Feel what it feels like to have it and know you are supported.
Life is creative, Create with it! Become a part of this creative energy and allow it to support your creations. Ask for guidance here. This is where your answers are. This is where your peace is. There’s no room for lack or limitation. If you’re feeling that, you’re in ego.
Ego creates lack. Divine mind holds Abundance. Let go of Ego, be Abundant.
Remember, as you hold the divine space for what you want to create, there can only be Abundance! Wishing all of you your heart’s desires 🙂

It’s Time to Bloom!

Wake UP! It’s time to come out of the hibernation of winter and bloom into Spring! Lately many have expressed feeling heavy, tired and gloomy the past few months of winter. They’re seeking new ways to get their energy back, rediscover their purpose and express it to the world. It’s the perfect time for an energetic tune up!
The question most people ask me is: Why should I get energy healing Noelle? And I say, because it lifts you into a higher state of consciousness that allows for healing on every level- body, mind, Spirit, and emotion. It heals the cause of your pain, stress or illness instead of just masking the symptom with a pill or distraction. When the cause is healed, the symptom will not return.
We’re inundated by the negativity of the world and it attaches to us. We also take on other’s energy- feel things that aren’t ours and are quick to react and get defensive. The next thing you know you’re crying and have no idea why!
When you receive Reiki or another type of energy healing you’re in a relaxed state and tuned to a higher frequency of energy- Life Force Energy- that quickens your immune system and releases the stress, tension, pain, and energy that’s not yours. It rebalances you so you can move forward in life with ease.
In the days after you may notice you feel less stress and tension, are mentally at peace and focused, and feel emotionally balanced and centered. You’ll often get clarity of the problem that’s stressing you out, or rediscover your higher purpose that’s gotten lost in the busyness of life.
So I ask you to reflect and ask, what’s stopping you from blooming this spring? It’s time to release the energy that’s no longer serving you and reawaken to your beautiful Spirit!


Happy New Year!

   The New Year gives us space to think of resolutions, what we want to achieve, how we want to feel or what we want to manifest. But as we wish for more, a lot of us also grieve for what was lost in the past year- whether it was a person, job, relationship or even a dream.
    Letting go of the past is key to bringing in the new.
    The process of letting go can be challenging as we may have carried around grief or expectations for months or even years. We must recognize what emotions or thoughts are no longer good for us and release them. It’s often a process of letting go of control, and then realizing we never had control in the first place!
    When you start to wake up and live consciously you realize control is an illusion to keep your ego feeling safe- it keeps you in a box everyday and traps all of your dreams in that box suffocating them. This induces fear because what happens if you step out of that box- there won’t be 4 walls protecting you and you’ll be vulnerable. But you’ll also be free! And until you actually step out of the box of your fears you won’t know what you can accomplish. 
    2018 I challenge you to step out and let go! Instead of looking to fear, look to the wisdom of your heart. What do you deserve this year? What will it take to make it happen? What will you have to let go of? When you become afraid, look to your heart and ask why. Take a deep breath and ask, beyond the fear, what’s my next step?
    This is living consciously- being in tune with your heart, who you really are, and moving forward from that space of love. Be your own inspiration- take a step forward for YOU!

The Candle of Truth

   This time of year we come together and celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or maybe just the end of the year. Different faiths have different spiritual traditions, but the light of the candle is used in many ceremonies from Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist. For me, the candle symbolizes the Christ light within- the light of truth and unconditional love. But no matter what religion or spirituality you are, it’s a reminder:
We are Spirit. All of us have that light inside- shining- waiting to express. 
  Our light may get dimmed by worldly things- jobs, materialism, even relationships. People start to live for the world instead of Spirit and then they feel depressed and anxious because they’ve depressed their Spirit. They’ve done what the world wants them to do instead of followed their own inner yearning. And then they lose faith. When all they need to do is go within and listen- What is my Spirit saying? What does my Spirit need?
   As you enjoy this holiday season, whether you light a candle or not:
Focus on that light inside YOU, and let your light lead.
The light will show you the truth. The light is the way.
  That’s where you’ll find peace, love, forgiveness and truth. When you feel depressed, anxious or lost it’s because you’re looking to the outer for happiness or peace, and it’s not there.
  All the love, peace, or happiness you need is within. You are it- because you are Spirit and Spirit cannot be dimmed by the world.
   Remember all you have to do, focus on the light instead of the world and the answers are there. The light will grow brighter. You will grow brighter, and feel lighter.

Create with Gratitude

As the holidays are upon us, I invite you to reflect on what you’re grateful for this season. You might think of what you have, what you’ve accomplished, or a certain person or opportunity in your life.

  Often our minds go straight to lack- what we didn’t accomplish or what’s missing, and we’re always wanting more. Yet it’s so simple to change our mindset from what we’re lacking to gratitude for what we already have.

This change of mindset moves us

from Lack consciousness

to Abundance consciousness.

  The process is simple, recognize what you already have and be grateful for it. Change your focus from “I want” to “I am grateful.” This moves you from a state of want to a state of gratitude and abundance.

With this mindset you take your power back- the power to create your life!

  Create from a space of gratitude. The more grateful you are, the more that will come to you. If you desire something, act as if it’s here NOW, and state that you are grateful for it. Your life will grow and evolve in ways you couldn’t even imagine!

  So imagine and dream big- you deserve it! Appreciate and be grateful for what you have and for what you desire. Open yourself up to the gifts of the universe with Gratitude!                                                  


Uncovering the Craziness

The past couple months have been a whirlwind of craziness! Between hurricanes, fires, shootings, and political instability, more than ever I’m hearing, the world has gone crazy. Has it?
This is the time the world is waking up- to an awareness of our planet, to things we need to change, and to things that aren’t working- socially, politically, or structurally.
If we truly are spiritual beings having a human experience and we’re co-creating with God on this planet, something in our consciousness has created these crazy times- and it’s for these changes to take place.
So instead of going crazy with the times we must stop, take a deep breath and ask, How can I help? In a moment when I felt like the world was coming apart at the seams I did just that, and Spirit said:
I can help by staying peaceful in my own heart and mind, by staying on my path, and by not dwelling in the negativity of the world.
   It’s good to be informed but don’t get stuck. When you’re stuck you may start to feel hopeless, fearful, anxious or depressed. Recognize your feelings, feel them and  realize, Ok, I don’t want to feel this way anymore, so what can I do about it?  Spirit said:
You can’t change the entire world
in this moment, but in this moment
you can change yourself.
Start by looking at the world
from a place of hope instead of fear,
from a place of love instead of anger, and start to move
from a place of grief
to a celebration of life.
   As I change my perspective I’m lifting out of the negative consciousness that’s repressing humanity and my Spirit, and I lift into divine consciousness where anything is possible!
Here I see the world from a higher perspective, from my higher self. And from this place I feel the unconditional love of the divine, and send this love into the world- to the leaders, nations, people, and to Mother Earth.
This is how I lifted out of my feelings of helplessness, this is how I will help, and I invite you to do the same.
Sit, breathe and ask to be connected to your Spirit. Allow your feelings to come up, and if they don’t feel good, ask for the love of the divine to wash over you. Ask to be healed. And then send that healing out into the world.
There’s hope, there’s peace, there’s love, and it’s here NOW. Wake up your Spirit, and ask to feel the oneness. And so it is!

Nature’s Remedy

  Over 4th of July weekend I spent time at a retreat center in the mountains of North Carolina, and I stayed in a tree house. The deck was on a cliff overlooking the river, and I fell asleep and awoke to the sound of the rushing river. It was pure Peace!   While hiking, my mind started to unravel, releasing old thoughts and worries I no longer needed.  Once my mind was clear, I was able to take in the beauty and be present. Nature was reminding me of the simplicity of life. 
Letting go of the thoughts we carry, realizing they don’t define us and usually aren’t even true, but just an endless cycle of words that take up space in our minds- this is the first step to peace of mind. We can make a choice not to listen, but to let go. Choose not to believe the mental chatter in your head!
   Releasing the mental mind allows clarity of what is right for the heart.
   When the mental chatter is released the heart will speak, and here you will find truth. Truth lies in the heart. Start listening to that inner voice in your heart. Moving from the mental mind to the heart takes practice. Take a walk, ask for clarity, Be present and:
 Allow your mind to unravel,
let go, and ask for the wisdom of your
heart to speak.

Spiritual Medicine

   As we’ve seen in recent world events, it’s no secret the world needs help! Many people feel hopeless, helpless and the negativity is effecting everyone. The question arises, how do we stay positive and hopeful when it seems the world is coming apart at the seams?

   People are great at masking pain- have a drink, work, watch TV- we’ll do anything besides feel! But you have to feel to heal. Relieving symptoms is short term, but healing the cause of the symptoms is long term, and that’s where spiritual medicine comes in.

   Spiritual medicine is feeding your Spirit and keeping your connection strong. When your Spirit is strong, your ability to heal and deal with the crises of the world increases- you’re stronger physically, emotionally and mentally. 

   A few simple ways to feed your Spirit include: 1. Find a spiritual community. Whether it’s church, yoga, a meditation group, etc.- being part of a greater whole feeds the Spirit. Surround yourself with like minded people- spiritually focused, and watch the negative people and situations drift out of your life. Don’t wait for a crisis to connect, connect now!

2. Get an energy healing– We go to the Dr. for physical checkups, now it’s time for energetic checkups. Energy healing clears and balances you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It removes blockages and negativity. You’ll be surprised how much lighter you’ll feel, how much clearer you’ll think, how you’ll sleep better and how you’ll have more energy during the day.

3. Personal spiritual practice– pray, meditate, connect with nature, journal, etc. Take personal time everyday to connect with and feed with your Spirit.

If you’re taking the time to read this, you’re the one making the world a better place. You’re the change, the growth, the light in the darkness. You’re the ones lifting race consciousness to the light- because you show up!

And I don’t just mean waking up and getting out of bed. I mean showing up- with your lights on- your Spirit awake, alive and ready to serve, to make a difference. How exciting, how transforming!

    Remember this when you don’t want to meditate or go to church or do whatever feeds your Spirit. Your light is lighting up the world!

   It’s not just about You. You effect the whole. And us coming together in Spirit, we are a light in the darkness! It’s time to wake up people, wake up and shine your light! It starts with you.      

Look to your Spirit

and allow that light inside yourself

to guide the way.