Last January I attended a white stone ceremony where we meditated and asked for a word to set our intention for 2018. Then we wrote it on a white stone, which I kept on my alter to remind me of my intention for the year.
My word was Peace. And whenever my Peace was challenged I remembered my intention and thought, how can I make Peace with this situation or with my own emotions?
With the intention- that in 2018 I would find Peace, I found it was always within. But it’s a conscious practice of going within to find it, letting go and staying present. It grew my patience, my faith, and my ability to heal.
Spirit gave me the word Peace so I could grow past my reactions and into a space of acceptance, not just with things that were happening in the moment, but also with parts of my past I hadn’t made peace with yet.
My vibration lifted as I came to peace with mySelf, and from this place I connect deeper with Spirit, channel higher wisdom and create more abundance.
My wish for you is to find the Peace you need inside yourself to be lifted to this higher vibration. To let go of the old heavy energy that’s keeping you from moving in the direction of your dreams, keeping you up at night or causing you stress and pain.
Ask yourself, what do I need to do, hear, or see in order to be at Peace? What can I let go of? Allow Peace to overflow from Spirit into your heart, your mind, your world. In this peace you’ll find your connection with Spirit, have deeper relationships, and feel healthier in body, mind and Spirit.
Peace to you my friend and Happy New Year!
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