Self Care = Success

What do you do to fill yourself up? And I don’t mean eating food! I mean spiritual fulfillment- what makes your soul happy?
For example, my favorite self-care activities include yoga, hiking, receiving energy healing, journaling or traveling. All of these activities make me feel peaceful, connected and joyful with myself and with the world around me.
Success happens when you’re FULL up on joy and connected to source! Because when you’re in that space of joy, abundance and peace- that’s what you radiate out into the world, so that’s what comes back to you- more JOY, abundance and peace, whether it’s in the form of personal or professional opportunities, gifts or connections!
We’re all connected. And as you take care of yourself your vibration is lifted, and you may not even see it, but you’re also lifting the vibration of the world! And we all know the world could use some extra positive vibes 🙂  This month I challenge you to take a Step toward Success. Do a weekly self-care activity, and notice how it lifts your spirits, makes you feel stronger, or creates more peace in your life. Start today, and let me know how it goes!
Wishing you a nurturing, joyful and successful Self-Care September!
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