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I claim Abundance!

With the start of a new year, most of us have a list of everything we want to accomplish. Why? Because we want to feel good, and if we could just have this ONE thing we’ll feel good! At least for a moment, right?

But being in a space of wanting makes it hard to BE present and feel good, because we don’t feel we have everything we need to feel good. The problem is this constant wanting creates lack and fear of not having enough. And fear blocks our ability to receive. It’s a cycle of never having enough, just wanting one more thing.

It’s in releasing the fear and knowing that you’re worthy of your heart’s desires when you’ll receive. It’s letting go of the wanting and finding a space of gratitude for all that is here and for all the good that’s coming to you now.

 We get so caught up in our heads of what we don’t have and feeling lack that it becomes our reality. But lack is NOT the truth of your divine Spirit. Truth is- you are Abundant. Truth is- you embody all you need.

    Just taking a moment to close your eyes, breathe and find that space of infinite intelligence, wisdom and love will remind you of this truth.

    In this space state what you Desire and then release it. Ask to feel the abundance of it and be grateful it’s already here. This allows what is yours to flow to you effortlessly. Affirm:

  I am infinite Spirit and I allow the effortless flow of my good to come to me NOW!

Then claim it by saying: I operate in this world from a higher consciousness- from a space of abundance and love. This is my truth, and I know it and feel it in every aspect of my life.

I see you abundant, happy and free my friend. I see you receiving your heart’s desires and more!