The Poem of Eternity

Traveling deep within

I touched the Eternal OM

It beckoned me closer- I followed

Feeling the oneness envelope me like a warm blanket

holding me gently

What was I hearing? The Universe-this oneness was speaking to me

In that energy I touched everything

The All that there is and the All that there is not.

I experienced nothing and everything at the same time

I exist in the space in-between

Yet am part of it all.

My limitations were lifted- for limitations are man-made

and in this space there’s only Spirit

There’s no lack, or law, or limit

The heaviness of not enough was gone

In this space was freedom

Knowing everything is perfect- in Divine Order

My mind gone, I was open to  

divine knowing- it beckoned me closer again

into the Eternal Om

And I drifted within, closer still to the truth of Myself.

Engulfed in the Oneness of my Own soul

with all there is, was, and ever will BE.

And in this space I AM Whole


The Eternal OM.

Category: Poetry
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