The Tree

Oh to be a tree!
To stand tall with my roots
planted firmly in the soil
letting the sun warm my branches
and the wind
my oneness with the earth.
Tears cleansing
remnants of past
emotions as they flow
freely with the raindrops.
Oh to be a tree
and watch the people
carry on their lives
not even noticing
the strength I hold
the breath I take
of freedom
waking with the sun and
sleeping with the
lighting my protection
from the night.
I would not fall for anyone
or bend for their desires
but allow the moment
to possess my fate
and trust the ground I
stand in.
To live the life meant for me
the tree
blowing freely in
the wind and standing firmly
in the soil through every storm
and doubtful moment.
Oh to be
the tree of life
of wisdom and sacrifice
A symbol for the skies
A knowing of my destiny
I am the tree
I am the life
Standing firmly
Category: Poetry
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